Dog Grooming Services & Prices

Full Body Trim & Basic Grooming
Full Grooming
Includes everything in basic grooming plus full body haircut.
Small Breed
$75 - $85
$75 - Short coated breeds or dogs less than 5kg (poodles not included). $85 - poodles and poodle mix, schnauzers, small sized dogs 5-8kg.
Medium Breed
$95 - $120
$95 - Short Coated breeds, Miniature poodles. $120 - Long and heavy coated breeds. 30min deshedding included. (spitz, shetland, corgi etc.) Doodles 8-12kg.
Large Breed - Short Coated
Labrador Retriever, Saluki, Local breeds or large dogs less than 15kg or if you need just a shave down
Large Breed - Long/Dense Coated
Long Coated breeds. 30mins Undercoat removal included (e.g. Labradoodle, Husky, Collie, German Shepard, Malamute, Samoyed etc. )
Basic Grooming (without haircut)
Small Breed
$55 for small sized dogs 5kg and above or coat length more than ~1 inch
Medium Breed
$70 - short coated breeds (Shiba, Beagle). $95 for long and dense coated breeds. 30mins deshedding included (Sheltie, Spitz, Corgi, Miniature poodle)
Large Breed - Short Coated
Short coated breeds ~15kg. Normal amount of shedding.
Large Breed - Long/Dense Coated
Large dogs with long coat / heavy shedding. 30mins deshedding included Labradoodle, Golden Retriever, Husky, Collie, German Shepard, Samoyed etc.
Bath & Spa
Includes ear washing & conditioning, anal express and minor de-shedding.
Just a shower (Includes ear cleaning and anal express)
Small Breed
$30 for short coated breeds. $35 for small dogs with coat 1 inch or more. Max 7kg.
Medium Breed
$45 - Short coated breeds and $60 for long coated breeds.
Large Breed - Short Coated
$65 for short coats and $90 for dogs with long and dense coat.
Shower includes ear washing & conditioning, anal express and minor de-shedding.
Spa Treatments (Have to be accompanied with a Full/Basic Grooming)
Silky Coat Treatment or Dead Sea Mineral MudBath(Now 50% off!)
$40 (S) / $50 (M) / $60 (L)
An intensive coat mask to repair extremely brittle and dull coats with Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Keratin to give the coat strength and shine. An essential treatment during every grooming to keep your dog's coat healthy and manageable.
Traditional Chinese Herbal Bath (Not available for large dogs)
$35 (S) / $45 (M)
Using traditional Chinese herbs like Honeysuckle flower, Belvedere fruit, Cnidium monnieri etc. which have been traditionally used to reduce itching, body heatiness and dampness, it's a highly effective way to alleviate itching with or without skin redness. It's ideal for dogs with chronic, persistent itching and skin with pus and sores.
Ayurvedic Mud Therapy (Not suitable for light colored/long/dense coated dogs)
$40 (S) / $50 (M) / $60 (L)
*May not be suitable for dogs with light colored coat.* Using a dozen traditional vedic herbs like red clay, nut grass, terminalia chebula, indian gooseberry, mango-ginger, sweet flag etc, long treasured for their ability to treat skin problems. Our Ayurvedic Mud Spa has to be one of the most versatile and effective treatment for chronic skin problems that shows up as red, flaky, sometimes crusty skin. As with all treatments, we recommend a regular regime to allow the body enough time to heal.
Itemized Services
Ear Cleaning & Ear Hair Removal
$8 (S) / $12 (M) / $15 (L)
Nail Cut & Paw Pad Shaving
$12 (S) / $15 (M) / $20 (L)
Shaving Hygiene Area
$8 (S) / $12 (M) / $15 (L)
Any 2 itemized services
$5 off
Add-on Services
De-tangling / Undercoat Removal
$30 per half hour
We will refuse combing out severely matted coats as it will be traumatic for your dog. You will be advised to do a shave down instead.


Our Packages

“Weekly baths to stay nice smelling and to save me the hassle”:
6 baths and get 1 free or 10 baths and get 2 free.

Keep my dog in tip-top shape”:
Purchase $350 Grooming Credits and get 2 spa treatments free.
Purchase $200 Full Grooming sessions and get 1 spa treatment free.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Packages are to be fully utilized within 18 months from the date of purchase. Remaining services not used after expiry date will be forfeited and not refundable.
  • Packages are not transferable, not exchangeable and not refundable.