Grooming FAQ

Terms and Conditions of Service

Our purpose is to be of service to you and your pets in the best way possible, however, there are some points which are best laid out first for the benefit of mutual understanding.  By engaging in our pet grooming service, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Grooming of infirm/senior/sensitive pets (small animals prone to shock) are at the owner’s risk. While we treat every pet equally and place their health and safety as our priority, we are not liable for any existing medical conditions and its aggravation which are known or unknown to the owner or us. So please, let us know of any medical conditions that your pet has.
  2. In cases of a badly matted coat, please understand that in rare occasions, irritation and nicks may occur from the shaving process. As much as care is taken during the grooming process, and we will provide you with advice on after grooming care, we are not responsible for any issues which may arise as a result of neglected coats.
  3. If fleas and ticks are discovered during the grooming, for the safety of other customers’ pets, we regret that we will not continue with the grooming. 
  4. A company is essentially a group of people. Our staff is our most important asset and their safety is just as important. Pets which are aggressive have to muzzled or in rare instances rejected if its aggression is unmanageable. We also reserve the right to protect our staff from verbal and physical abuses. If you do have feedback, please inform us so that we can correct and serve you better. ?
  5. Your pet may be photographed before, during and after its grooming. We maintain the ownership of the images and they may be used on our website as well as social media platforms unless specified otherwise by the pet owner.
  6. Finally, you will receive email newsletters on our latest blog posts and your information will never be shared or sold.

Thank you for reading and we hope to have your understanding and cooperation. ?

If there are some areas where I feel that’s a bit long, (e.g. fringe, muzzle) can I bring it back for a touch up?

Of course! Please bring your dog back within 7 days and we will touch it up for free.

The gunk and smell in the ears came back the very next day.

When your dog has infection in the ears, the discharge/debris cannot be cleared with grooming. A visit to the vet to find out the cause of the infection is necessary (mites / bacterial / yeast etc.).

During grooming, we will flush the ear canal. However, due to the shape of the ear canal, there can still be debris is the base of the ear canal. When the dog continues to shake, some of the loosened debris can continue to emerge after grooming.  

The dog hind nails are bleeding after grooming.

Some dogs excitable or strong dogs can use a lot of force in their hind legs, especially when they’re pulling on the leash. After grooming please refrain from letting your dog pull on the leash on tarmac or other rough surfaces as it will further file down the nails, causing them to bleed.

My dog’s nails are still long after grooming.

We will always try to cut your dogs nails as short as possible, but the blood veins call the “quick” determine how long the nails will be. If nails are being left to overgrow, the quick may grow longer in some dogs. 

My legs still get scratched by my dog after grooming. Is it because the nails are still long?

One important point is to check the nails before leaving the salon. However, in most instances, it’s because your pets just don’t realize how strong they are, and when they jump on you, even with blunt nails, they might unintentionally scratch you.

If jumping is a problem, seeking behavioral trainer’s help is important, not only that, it will also help solve a lot of stress, anxiety related issues along with it. I highly recommend every dog owner to give behavioral training a try.

My dog acts weird and gets emotional after a shave down.

A dog’s coat gives them a sense of security and after a complete shave down, they may feel insecure and out of place.

Especially when your dog had to be shaved down because of severe tangling of the coat, before shaving, the tangles will have put tension on your dog’s skin, like someone grabbing your hair. After shaving all that tension gets released, creating an unfamiliar sensation to your pet, which may cause your dogs to lick and chew on themselves.

It’s good to give your dogs something to wear, a lot of play-time also helps to distract them from any insecurity they might be feeling. You may also want to use an Elizabethan Collar if necessary, to prevent them from biting or licking themselves excessively. So please make sure your dog’s coat is properly maintained, and shave only for health considerations – e.g. requested by the vet, flea and tick infestation etc.

*If excessive licking and scratching is not prevented, serious wounds may form.

My dog is scooting and licking his backside!

Some pets are sensitive to having their butts shaved. If you observe that scooting is a common occurrence after grooming, please notify your groomer to not shave this area. Anal gland expression in some instances can also cause them to feel uncomfortable.

My dog has been licking its paws excessive after the paw pad is been shaved and now it seems to become red and inflammed.

Having clean paw pad can stop them from slipping, but again, some pets may happen to have sensitive paws. Please let the groomer know not to shave too short on the paws. The same applies if you notice that your pet has been licking or scratching any particular area after grooming. 

My dog has been shaking his head and scratching his ear so much that the ear tip show signs of bruising.

Some dogs will get uncomfortable after their ear hair is been pluck out, they feel compelled to shake their head. Prolonged and excessive shaking of their heads can cause blood to fill the tip of their ears causing Ear Hematoma – an accumulation of blood under the skin of the ear flap. On mild cases, it will show up as bruising, on more severe cases, it may cause swelling.

It’s important to not let your dog shake its head excessively after grooming. Taking your dog for a walk before going home is a good way to allow your dog to release any emotional tension that has built up from the grooming. You can also cut off the closed section of an old sock or cut off a sleeve of an old shirt and use it as a sleeve over your dog’s ears to prevent the ears from bruising from excessive head shaking. Like this one herePrevent haematoma after grooming You can find DIY instructions here: Easy small dog snood

My dog's ears are badly matted. The groomer had to shave the tangles off the ears. But the next day, there's a small swell filled with liquid at the tip of the ear. What happened?

After the tangles have been removed, your dog may sense that his ears feel different. Their reaction is to shake their head to see if that the sensation goes away. However, the shaking usually causes a vicious cycle as more blood will accumulate at the tip of the ears causing more irritation. Ear Hematoma may occur as a result and in very rare cases, swelling may occur which will require the Hematoma to be drained by the vet. It is critical to stop any compulsive behaviour after grooming like scratching or shaking their head to prevent your pets from injuring themselves.

Why are there still tear stains after grooming?

Tear staining is akin to hair being dyed and cannot be removed by grooming. It’s important to find out the cause of your dog’s tearing. It can be because of an obstruction of the tear ducts, allergies, hair going into the eyes etc. When the tearing stops so will the stains.