The New Arsenal Against Skin Problems

Previously, we have discussed some of the things you can do if your pet suffers from skin problems, from healthy nutrition to supplementing their diet with digestive enzymes and probiotics. Also, if you were to visit pet grooming salons or spa centers, you might have come across micro (or nano) bubble spas. I prefer calling it nanobubble, though; sounds better, doesn’t it? But they’re the same thing because as a microbubble ascends, it will become even smaller, thus becoming a ‘nano bubble’ before it collapses.


What is a microbubble?

Microbubble isn’t your normal bubble bath or Jacuzzi. The technology that creates the microbubble produces bubbles so small, 1-50 microns to be exact, that it can penetrate pores and hair follicles that are usually 90 microns in size and remove dead skin cells, excess sebum, and bacteria. Talk about deep cleansing.

An ion Anion.

First, the microbubbles are effective in removing dirt from the pores not only because of their size. It’s also negatively charged, which allows them to bond with impurities and float them out. That’s why at the end of the spa session, you’ll find a film of gunk floating at the tub’s surface. That’s the microbubbles at work.

Secondly, due to the formation of microbubbles, enormous amounts of negative ions are also produced, which also speed up the skin’s recovery process and promote overall well-being. (No wonder I’ve been sleeping better after I started providing micro bubble spa. Imagine the number of anions I’m getting exposed to! How nice it is to be an unintended beneficiary!)

But that’s not all

Another obvious benefit is that when you have a bubble so small, it dissolves and delivers oxygen more effectively into the skin, making it healthier.

There are also claims that when the micro bubbles burst, they produce ultrasonic waves and high temperature that sterilizes harmful microorganisms. But I cannot get more information on this fact, so I shan’t comment more.

So how do I know it’s the real deal?microbubble

Luckily it’s simple to identify if your pet is benefiting from microbubbles. Because microbubbles are tiny, they bubble suspended in the water, and the smallest bubbles take up to 2 minutes to rise to the surface. As a result, once the water is filled with these tiny bubbles, it turns milky white within seconds and turns back to its transparent state only minutes after, all without the use of any chemicals.

How effective is it in treating skin problems, then?

If the equipment has been sourced from a reputable company, it should bear accreditation from independent companies attesting to its efficacy, be it the size of the bubbles, the concentration of anions produced, or sterilization effectiveness.

Of course, there’re plenty of testimonials online, but after trying it for myself, very obvious improvements can be seen after just one treatment. To be honest, I was quite impressed with the results.

As for our micro bubble generator, it has been clinically proven to improve skin conditions (DermaPro Skin & Research Centre, Inc – Seoul, Korea) and is further attested by the Korea Atopy Association.

How do we make it even better than it already is?

Recognizing that most pets with skin problems don’t just have itchy skin but rather accompanied by flaky, sometimes crusty, or oily skin, we have added natural ingredients to boost the machine’s cleaning power to remove impurities, excess buildup of sebum and keratin to allow the skin to heal naturally.

Apart from removing what we don’t want, we add in minerals that are difficult to get through food but effectively absorbed through the skin to help reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, balance nerve functions and regulate enzymes in the body, as well as a myriad of trace minerals to improve your pet’s overall well being.

Try it at least once.

Now, I want you to try it for yourself. If you feel that it’s a worthwhile long-term investment (though I can’t guarantee how long the machine would last) for the whole family, especially if your family has issues with troubled skin, a set from Korea costs SGD$ 3,499. Another condition is that you’d need a bathtub for this.

Otherwise, in most families, their pets are usually the ones having skin problems, and it might be more economical to bring your pet in for the microbubble treatment.

Our prices start from $35 for small breeds and $45 and $55 for medium and large breeds, respectively. Please visit our webpage for our complete pricing list. Also, for a limited time, only enjoy free spa treatments with every grooming package purchased, and any additional treatments are $15 off*. 


*Terms & Conditions apply.

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