Pet Grooming – Our Total Wellness Concept

Does your pet run away the moment it senses that it’s grooming time?

Or that your dog can’t stop licking on its paws even though the paw’s perfectly fine?

Maybe it’s that chronic infection that doesn’t seem to go away?

We know the emotional pain, time, effort and money it takes to solve your pet’s physical and emotional problems  because we too have helped pets we’ve adopted with these problems and helped many of our customers as well.

Animals don’t talk and can’t tell you what’s going on in their heads and where they are feeling uncomfortable. That’s one of the reasons why problems be it physical or psychological takes so long to rectify.

Not Just Grooming

While sickness it inevitable, we have always believed in holistic medicine as a form of complementary treatment. That prompted us to look for safe alternative treatments this wonderful world has to offer and we’re so glad to be able to find the answers for you. Even more gratifying is that there has been more awareness regarding natural pet care and we’ve learnt a whole lot from our customers as well!

However, it’s a pity many dog grooming salons and vets out there care only about the end result and so little about the consequences of things.

You see, pet grooming is the easy stuff. Handling difficult pets, healing skin problems, a commitment to self-improvement, that’s not. Using force, fast acting medications without understanding the root problem will only cause more problems down the road.

Why Holistic Care Is Important

Have you wondered why every time you visit the vet to treat your pet’s skin problem or ear infections it just seems to come back over again?

Common aliments like ear/fur mites and bacterial/fungal infections are usually caused by the immune system going out of balance. Although modern medicine is great in easing the symptoms, we need to address the root cause will help to prevent the same problem from recurring.

While natural treatments are not meant to replace proper veterinary care, it can help to rebuild your pet’s immune system and support its intrinsic healing process, working its way from within to make the body more resilient to common and chronic problems.

Apart from physical well being, mental well being is the other component in determining a pet’s overall health and imbalances like anxiety can drastically wreck their immune system in otherwise healthy animals. There isn’t one determining factor in addressing illnesses that’s why a deep understanding in the various aspects of health is important.

Total Wellness

For us and surely for most people doing rescue work, rescued animals are the ones facing the most problems due to prolonged neglect. However, it’s also because of their terrible state, physically and psychologically, that we’ve been forced to delve deep into natural treatments as a form of alternative treatment for their mind and body (I use the word ‘forced’ because of we just cannot afford long term vet bills and the severity of the problems).

Thankfully, mother nature does provide the best cure and many of the rescued dogs have responded well to natural treatments with the help of modern medicine and we have learnt a lot of priceless knowledge in the process.

That’s why when you bring your pet here, not only will they get preened the way you want, their body, mind and soul will get cared for.

Body – We use only natural products which has proven to help with physical problems and preventing problems before they start. The range of food we offer are also selected to cater to different needs.

Mind – Stress is a major cause of illnesses. Unknowingly, many people are giving their pets stress or deny that their pets are stressed and to make things worse, a trip to the groomer or the vet totally freaks them out. We recognised this need early and that’s why we are the first grooming salon in Singapore to be Low Stress Handling™ certified.

Low Stress Handling™

Low Stress Handling CertificationCreated by Dr. Sophia Yin, a renowned veterinarian and animal behaviorist, Low Stress Handling™ is a scientific and systematic approach to handle pets in a safer, more comfortable and less stressful manner as well as to train your pets to associate grooming as safe and positive.

Though we can’t make your pets fall in love with grooming immediately, but we have techniques to help them feel more secure and less anxious during grooming, and we’ll share tips with you on how to practise the techniques at home so that you’re able to experience the permanent effects.

That said, we are not professional animal trainers and consulting a certified trainer who can work consistently with you is recommended with persistent issues.

 If you’d like to see what we can do for you, please give us a call at 6528 7389 to book an appointment with us.